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Santorini Off the Beaten Path: Exploring with Your Rental Car

Nestled in the center of the Aegean Sea, Santorini is a symphony of striking contrasts, where the blue sky meets the shimmering white of Cycladic buildings and sunsets paint the horizon in blazing orange and pink. But, behind the well-trodden trails that lead to its famed caldera vistas and distinctive blue-domed churches, Santorini hides a […]

Do I Need a Rental Car in Santorini, Greece?

Do I Need a Rental Car in Santorini? With the freedom of a rental car, you can discover the true essence of Santorini! Experience the thrill of reaching out to remote areas and hidden gems that are not easily accessible by public transportation. Discover Santorini’s freedom like never before! With our car rental service, you can explore the island’s hidden treasures.

Santorini by Night: The Best Spots to Visit After Dark by Car

After dark, Santorini is simply magnificent. As the sun sets over the Aegean Sea, the island comes alive with a bustling nightlife, unlike anything you’ve ever witnessed. There’s no shortage of fantastic places to visit in Santorini by night, from rooftop bars with spectacular panoramic views to secret tavernas offering up delicious local fare. And the greatest method to discover it all? Obviously, by car.

Santorini Car Rental Fleet of Cars (2023 update)

Santorini Holiday Cars offers a wide range of vehicles giving you the option to choose from the flexibility of a small car as the comfort of a larger car. Enjoy one of the most modern Santorini Car Rental fleet of cars available.

Kia Picanto or similar (manual)

Kia Picanto has smart design, ready to play, while impressive exterior design with stylish headlights and upgraded interior will leave you perfectly satisfied. Comfortable, clever and designed to keep you safe, it gives you the ability to get the most out of every trip with…

Increasing Mobility and Efficiency: The Advantages of Car Rentals and Business Vehicles

Corporate travel is becoming an increasingly significant aspect of many people’s daily lives as organizations grow worldwide. Car rentals are a principal element of this equation since they provide both convenience and flexibility to business travel. In this blog article, we’ll look at the advantages of vehicle rentals for business travelers, from hiring a car […]

Red Beach “Kokkini Paralia”

Some 500 meters from the Archaeological Site of Akrotiri, on the southwest coast of Santorini, is Red Beach, otherwise known as “Kokkini Paralia”. The name is taken from the unique color of the surrounding rocks and cliffs, as well as the stunning black and red shingle. The contrast between the red and black of the beach with the bright blue of the sea creates a magical setting.

Save money when renting a car

The international situation has skyrocketed fuel prices, so if you need to think of ways to save money when renting your car, it’s now! Santorini Holiday Cars inform you about the ways you can save money when renting a car.

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